Bio pesticide liquid formula
Bio-active pesticidal composition for the destruction of insects
Type: Bio pesticide liquid formula
Manufactured by: Agribioekotex LLC

Bio-Bitpests is a water soluble, high quality pesticidal composition for the destruction of pests. Can be applied for agricultural and horticultural plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants. It is a Bio pesticide liquid formula. Bio-Bitpests is produced from natural products with the addition of a balanced amount of microorganisms. In its composition also contains wine vinegar, alcohol, sugar. Compatible with all chemicals and fertilizers used in agriculture. Approved for use in organic production.

Biological effects

Bio- Bitpest is made from living micro-organisms and their metabolites. It supports the plants’ protection against parasites and vermin (aphid, ticks, and others). Biological pesticides possess a narrow range of efficacy which makes them harmless to humans and the environment.A major advantage of Bio-Bitpest lays in its long term effectiveness. Plants can not accumulate the substance, thereby hindering the upbuild of resistance of insects. It’s unique capacity lays in the support of a plants’ immunity system. Not only does it destroy pathogenic germs, it also promotes a plants’ protection as a result of it’s original infection.

Bio-Bitpest should be diluted before distribution (Ratio 1:200). It initiates the fermentation process on leaves and fruits which creates an unfavorable environment for pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi and makes produce inedible for insects. To further increase efficiency, we recommend mixing Bio-Bitpest with concentrated antioxidants before distribution (garlic, onions, chili, etc). This diluted solution should be sprayed 1 to 2 times a week with the beginning of a plants’ vegetational phase, meaning: before vermin and disease can harm the plants at all. Contrary to chemical solutions which might lead to an immediate solution, Bio-Bitpest has to be applied daily (concentration 1:10). The number of vermin and insects will decrease incrementally and die out after a certain period of treatment

Product benefits

  • Significantly increases protection
  • Stimulates the growth of plants by biological protection
  • Improves quality of plants
  • Stimulates plant enzymes
  • Improves the appearance of plants
  • Increases the efficiency of fertilizer
  • Obtain ecological clean Bio products