BACTOVIT is an all-natural, environmentally safe liquid microbiological concentrate

Bio-active growth-stimulant and soil conditioner
Type: Probiotic bacteria composition
Manufactured by: Agribioekotex LLC

BACTOVIT is a ready made product, which only has to be diluted with water. BACTOVIT consists of a mixture of probiotic micro-organisms wich increases yield significantly. It improve soil health by stimulating and feeding native microbial life in the soil which creates a higher yielding crop. When probiotic microorganism cultures are applied to soil, they stimulate the decomposition of organic wastes and residues, thereby releasing inorganic nutrients for plant uptake. It can be used for soil and foliar application. Approved for use in organic BIO cultivation.

Product benefits

    • Improve the nutritional uptake efficiency of plants
    • Improved crop performance
    • Increase seed germination
    • Enrich the soil in residential lawns and gardens
    • Increases yield significantly and improves quality of plants
    • Stimulates plant enzymes
    • Plants are healthier and more resistant towards pest and diseases
    • Improves the soil structure and the water-holding capacity
    • Increases the effictiveness of fertilizers and reduces nutrient especially nitrate leaching
    • Lower requirements for pesticides

CFU: 2,40 x 109


Increases productivity of agricultural culctures from 30% and more.

Biological effects

Bactovit consists of carefully selected, natural and distinct bio-active strains of symbiotic bacteria, non-hazardous to all environmental niches (soil, plants, insects, animals or humans). These bacteria emit antibiotic substances, ferments and biologically active substances in large quantities when distributed in their natural environment. This curbs growth of phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi. Due to high biological activity and fast reproduction the bacteria contained in Bactovit quickly establish in the substrate. The bacteria actively support decomposition of organic waste, ammoniation and nitrification processes and the acceleration of processes related to phosphate and potassium mobilization while replenishing the soil with highly mobile nutrients. The bacteria deposit biologically active substances which, given a certain concentration, stimulate the growth of plants and raise their resistance against pathogenic organisms.
Bactovit can be used for fertilization of roots and leaves.


Probiotic microorganisms, melasse, water, Photosynthetic bacteria, fermenting bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeast and actinomycetes.