Bio-active growth-stimulant and soil conditioner
Type: Liquid formula of BIOHUMUS
Manufactured by: Agribioekotex LLC

BIOMAX is a water soluble, high quality plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner. Can be applied for agricultural and horticultural plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, turf and pasture for soil and foliar application. It is a permanent humic substance. BIOMAX enhances nutrient uptake of major nutrients (N-P-K) and trace elements like iron, zinc and manganese. Contains full composion of amino and humin acids, which are easily absorbed by plants. Increases seed germination, cell division and root development of plants. BIOMAX contains unique trace minerals and microbes that aid in disease suppression, builds plants immune systems, and increases the ability for plants to uptake nutrients. Compatible with all chemicals and fertilizers used in agriculture. Approved for use in organic production.

Product benefits

  • Increased yield significantly
  • Stimulates plant growth by an increased biomass production
  • Increases yield and improves quality of plants
  • Stimulates plant enzymes
  • Improves the soil structure and the water-holding capacity
  • Increases and stimulates beneficial micro-organisms
  • Enhances the cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers and reduces nutrient especially nitrate leaching
  • Increases the permeability of cell-membranes in the roots and increases nutrient uptake
  • Acts as a natural chelator for micro-elements in alkaline soils and increases their availibility for plants
CFU: 1,35 x 105


Increases productivity of agricultural cultures from 30% and more.

Microbiological properties

BioMax is an extract composed of products of metabolism of worms and micro-organisms made from soil to be used for the treatment of roots and leaves of various plant types. BioMax is compatible with all herbicides, fungicides and insecticides allowing for simultaneous usage or combination with other substances in use.  BioMax can be applied to all plant cultures. It increases crop yield by 30% or more (depending on the natural amount of nutrient in the soil) while enhancing the quality of the product. The total amount of necessary mineral manure and pesticides can be decreased by 40 to 60% (35-45% respectively). Additionally germination capacity and plant’s immunity to disease is enhanced. Growth of pathogenic micro flora can be significantly suppressed.

Humic Acid min. 10g/l , Compound Fertilizer min. 12 g/l
The concentrate should be diluted with unchlorinated water.

Table of content

N ( m/m % ) 1,10 P2O5 ( m/m % ) 1,14 K2O ( m/m % ) 1,04 Ca ( mg/kg ) 281 Mg ( mg/kg ) 90,2 Zn ( mg/kg ) 11,6 Fe ( mg/kg ) 36,7 Mn ( mg/kg ) 9,43 Mo  (mg/kg ) 0,438 B ( mg/kg ) 6,08