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Using of FERMENTSTART microbiological products in animal husbandry

Current problems at the pig farm

A constant problem of pig farming is the neutralization and treatment of a large amount of slurry and the strong smell of excrement. The release of ammonia impairs the airways of both animals and humans. By applying FERMENTSTART odors can be reduced, stress stemming from the omission of gases ceases and charging airways will decrease. Additional benefit is a high nutrient content fermented manure or slurry with a weak odor intensity as side effect.

FERMENTSTART is a microbiological product consisting of the symbiosis of useful bacteria and probiotics. This product creates an environment in which the fermentation by micro-organisms degradation comes to view and stops the putrefaction. The pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic bacterial growth slows, then stops completely. By regular stall treatment we continuously ensure to maintain the beneficial microflora throughout the barn, which provides continuous protection against pathogenic organisms. This is granted by greater efficiency compared to a contigeous disinfectant use, which in most cases cannot be resolved anyway. Using the product the microflora of the stock raising environment can be optimized. In the farrowing and raising barns a large amount of liquid manure is produced. The purpose of the treatment is maintaining the slurry in a liquid consistency, degrading the organic solid phase of it, preventing blockages, reducing ammonia level. As a result of a weekly spraying and a direct liquid manure treatment earlier experienced blockage and encrustation will disappear.

Probiotic technology animal husbandry: effective, environmental friendly and low cost.


Effects of applying FERMENTSTART


It has positive impacts on animals’ health and environment. Sprayed in barns and stables it has a positive impact on animals’ health and well being.


Harmful bacteria, microbas and rotting processes produced by them can be suppressed.


Significant or complete disappearance of unpleasant odors and proliferation of flies will be reduced.


It prevents the development of harmful fungi in the fodder and the bedding, thereby prevents the consumption of these as well as the possibility of inhalation of fungal spores.


Reducing gas omission harmful for animals and animal caretakers. Providing better working conditions.


Safe, eco-friendly, health-friendly product.


Applying FERMENTSTART product in animal husbandry provides a number of solutions for earlier inextricable or costy problems.

  • Reducing ammonia level
  • Significant reduce in odor
  • Dramatic decline in the amount of flies
  • Relaxed, more stress resistent livestock
  • Providing better working conditions for animal caretakers
  • Greater weight gain
  • Weak odor intensity and high nutrial content manure
  • Lower medication needs
  • Tastier, better quality meat

Features of Fermentstart

Typical mash, must odor resembling, wheat coloured, aqueous suspension pH: ≤ 5. From public health perspective it is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-infectious. Does not contain GMO. Not flammable Shelf life: in the original packaging in dry, dark indoor place, between 5-15 °C for 6 months. Pack sizes: 1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter, 1 000 liter.

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Probiotic compound

This probiotic contains lactobacillus and bifidobacteria strains resistant to antibiotic treatment, which are typical for the microbiocenosis of birds and farm animals, which support the process of normalization of the intestinal flora and colonization resistance of various species of pups and chicks. Metabolites released during the process of reproduction constrain the growth of pathogenic and facultative pathogenic micro-organisms. A favorable environment is created, helping the development of a normal micro flora.

It can also be applied in the process of fermentation of organic farm waste, for example in manure pits, for the lavation of sewage water systems and wastewater, for the removal of fat accumulations and congestions, cleaning of soakage system, elimination of odors or the processing of farm and domestic wastes into high-quality compost in the summer (3 to 4 weeks) or fall / winter (6 to 8 weeks).

Composition of Fermentstart

Photosynthetic bacteria, fermenting bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes, substrata, water. All effective microorganisms in the product have probiotic effects. Each subgroup and bacteria has their own function.